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  • Android / iOS

Long-term cooperation between us and the Electronic Money Institution and fintech platform from Croatia have resulted in one of the best-rated financial applications on Google Play, App Store and App Gallery.

Project: Aircash

Payment / Withdrawal

A simple deposit, payment and withdrawal interface allows users to seamlessly transfer money. When you need money, virtual money quickly becomes physical.

Project details img: Payment / Withdrawal

Multi-currency account

This feature provides continuous insight into your account balance, broken down by different currencies. Transferring from one currency to another is done in just a few steps.

Project details img: Multi-currency account

Scan & Pay

By utilising machine learning capabilities on the phone, Aircash makes it easy to pay your bills by scanning a 2D barcode. In addition, it allows you to send money to other accounts through the app instantly. This way, you can always withdraw the cash without any stress.

Project details img: Scan & Pay

Parking payment

The Aircash app's Marketplace contains an evergrowing number of services and associated partners, making the app that much useful. One of the many services is the ability to pay for parking. Just park your car: the app will use your location to select the right parking zone. You'll even get the notification prompt to extend your time. So convenient!

Project details img: Parking payment

Available worldwide

This Croatian app is now available in a number of European countries as well as the United States. This makes travel and money conversions much easier.

Project details img: Available worldwide

Mastercard partnership

Recognizing the value of this project, Mastercard has partnered with Aircash to make costumer's everyday life even easier. The Mastercard card can be purchased on many locations. Through the app, you can easily control spending and the amount of money available on the card.

Project details img: Mastercard partnership

Top rated financial application

Aircash is among the best on Google Play. It is recommended as a reliable financial app for users around the world.




Case study
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Case study
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