• UI/UX design
  • iOS / Android
  • Backend
  • CMS

This innovative advertising method connects the brand, the ride, and the audience. Under the motto "Let's change the colors of the city," Flaster promotes the clients who can monitor the effects of their advertising campaign through an innovative application available on iOS / Android and the web.

We took a proactive approach to this project from the start. In collaboration with the client, we built the application from the scratch to satisfy all of the client's requirements and to include the necessary features for successful progress tracking.

Project: Flaster


The app's creative and modern design makes it easy for all users to navigate and see all of the features. Our team of designers successfully transforms your concept into a visual representation.

Project details img: Design

Backend development & development of iOS / Android applications

Our team of developers, in agreement with the client and based on the design, creates a fast and reliable application that meets all needs and incorporates all features.

Project details img: Backend development & development of iOS / Android applications


The important thing for the application user is that they can quickly and successfully manage the contents and all the system's features. This way, the process is fast and efficient, allowing timely entry and export of information.

Project details img: CMS


Taxi - on-the-go advertisement

Drivers choose the campaign and look they want to put on their car. By using the application's features, they can earn additional revenue from customers based on the ad's success.

Project details img: Taxi - on-the-go advertisement

Controlling the car's route

An attractive feature that allows you to view the route of each Flaster car via GPS to determine the audience's reach. It provides a better insight into the effectiveness of advertising in a specific location.

Project details img: Controlling the car's route

Analytics and Retargeting

The client may find out how many times his ad was viewed, where it was seen, and how many times it was retargeted across digital channels with a simple export. This feature allows adverts to be retargeted to a certain audience using GPS. Placing an ad in this manner greatly increases the visibility and likelihood of a product being purchased.

Project details img: Analytics and Retargeting



Case study
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Case study
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