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Welcome to the football metaverse.

With our consulting and professional support, by utilising the latest technologies such as Augmented Reality and NFTs, we've helped the client launch the fastest NFT based football manager.

3D avatar

Personalize your profile among other users with a 3D avatar. It's one-of-a-kind and allows you to play the game the way you choose.

Project details img: 3D avatar


3D avatar allows you to advertise your partners through logos on clothes. This kind of avatar achieves excellent results in sales and brand visibility.

Project details img: Marketing

Augmented reality

AR is an exciting feature available in this app. It has recently been a popular trend that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game and experience memorable moments.

Project details img: Augmented reality

Monitoring results

By creating your own team, made up of players from various clubs, you have the opportunity to follow matches and compete with other players. Sports tracking has reached a new level with this app.

Project details img: Monitoring results

NFT and earnings

You can use NFT technology to construct your own product and generate money off of it. As a digital asset, NFT is rapidly evolving.



Case study
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Case study
project image